Why Us?

At Teach the World, we have an innovative online lesson management system that is easy to use and enjoyable as well. This, coupled with our passion of preparing you for teaching abroad is why we stand apart. Our tutors have the proper certification and qualifications needed to help you each step of the way.


Internationally RecognizedInternationally recognized

Our TEFL Certifications are internationally recognized every where in the world. We have created courses that are adaptable and relevant any where you want to teach. Our courses will prepare you to become a knowledgeable Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teacher!


Online Learning Management System

The courses are truly online courses with downloadable extras, videos to help you through the modules and a professional tutor if needed. All courses will have a quiz to test your understanding of the course material. An example is shown below.

Online TEFL - 60 Hour

Job PlacementOnline TEFL - Job placement

Following your completion of any course, we will provide you with over 500 job contacts for FREE! We will also help you find the position you’re looking for no matter the location. Our professional tutors have tons of real life teaching experience and are ready to offer any advice at any time.



All of our courses are 100% certified by the IOTEFLAA (International Online TEFL Accreditation Association) and meet all necessary guidelines.

For job placement certification checks plus contact us with the name and certification number to admin@teach-the-world.com.




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  1. Atinabovlos

    hello i would like to ask i want to apply 120 hour course but at the moment I’m teaching in hong kong as a native teacher can you please tell me that what is the timing will be i am a British citizen

    1. Post

      Hello there! After starting the course, you will have 6 months to finish it. Being that the 120-hour course is completely online, you’ll be able to finish it at your leisure. Does this help to answer your question?

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